In this tutorial I will show you how to create a website in 5 simple steps and in 05 minutes.

Website Setup Time: 05 Minutes 

Expertly Level: Beginner   

World Wide Web is the superb way to showcase your product and services on internet. This is the era where building a website is tedious task and can cost you thousands of dollars and needs your expertise and time.

how to create a website

How to create a website from scratch [2019 Edition]

You will never require to hire web developer and at the end of this guide you will not only able to make your own website for free without writing a single line of code.

You can also build a website for your friends and family as well or even for your clients and make money online.

According to latest Google recommendation I will also show you how to make a website responsive so site will be perfectly displayed on desktop as well as mobile device to improve ranking in search engines.

Choose Best Website Builder

The first important step is to speed up the development process so there are number of website building platforms available in the market like WordPress, Joomla, Wix and Drupal.

Why I choose WordPress because this is one of the most popular content management system. And it is easy to use and of course it is completely free as well.

You can find around 90% of the total websites are building in WP platform.

Creating a website for your business or start online store is very easy and a game of few minutes in WordPress. And the beautiful thing is no coding is required.

SO let’s get started now to create a professional website

 STEP 1 : How to register a domain name and get web hosting

You need two things to create a website.

Domain Name:

This is the URL (Universal Resource Locator) like for Google it is

Important Note: name should be related to your business or topic e.g., if your niche is related to search engine optimization then URL will be

Web Hosting:

This is a place where all of your data includes files, images and contents will be stored and accessible over the internet.

There are number of web hosting companies in the market but always choose a company which has 99.9 percent up-time guarantee, cheap rates and best customer care.

I suggest you to pick up bluehost. I am using this for a long time and they are the best.

There is a good news for you guys. If you will get annual subscription then you can receive free domain. It normally cost you around $15 so you can search with your desire name and if it is available then it will link with your hosting account.

Important Tip: If you are targeting global audience then .COM works very well.

So let’s start our journey and start a website on hosting services

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And then clicks on a link in the menu and you will be redirected to plans page.

You can see four types of plans offered by the company and you can pick any hosting plan according to your choice.

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If you have low budget then this is the excellent option for you. It will include all of the basic options.


This plan is suitable for those who wants unlimited Domains. It is also included One Click Installs so you can live your wordpress website in few seconds.

I will go with this plan and I will also recommend you guys to select this option because first of all this is economical, secondly you can develop unlimited sites in this plan.


I will not prefer to buy business plan as this includes advance features and high cost. You can upgrade your plan any time when you needed.

How to get free SSL Certificate?

SSL certificate plays an important role and a main Google ranking factor for website seo. It is also used to build trust for your customers.

You can find secure sites with a green padlock sign (

Here is a good news for you, company is providing free SSL certificate for the first year when you will purchase the package.

Let’s click on buy now button under baby plan and you will be redirected to customer order page.

Choose a Domain

You can either pick new one or add existing domain.

Bluehost will show up the availability for given name and if it is available then you can select that one otherwise you can see some other suggestions. You can also pick anyone of them.

Choose a Plan

hostgator support

We have already picked a baby plan but you can also switch between other available options.

Next select 12 months billing cycle option and then type in your username and PIN code as this will required in future to verify your ownership when you will contact customer support.

Personal information

hostgator live chat

Let’s move down the page and enter your personal information including contact details and then select your payment type whether you want to pay by credit card or PayPal.

hostgator affiliate

In this section you can pick more additional add-ons few of them are free and some are paid.
You are new comer so unchecked all paid options as they will cost you extra money except SSL one which is free of charge.

hostgator coupon

Default code will charge you extra amount but if you will enter my affiliate coupon code “welcome2018″ in this text box then you will get $35 huge discount and I will receive a small commission.

Please review your form once complete all information. Once done then finally checked the terms of service checkbox and hit the Checkout button to place your order.

You will also receive hostgator account information and login details in your email inbox.

STEP 2 : Installing WordPress

installing wordpress

This is a time to get a website up and running and install wordpress as you have already completed step 1.

Open your inbox and login into your hostgator cpanel with given credentials provided in the email.

Then Go to web applications and click on wordpress. They are providing one click installation for WordPress.

Select your domain and fill out the form details and finally clicks on install now button.

It will take few minutes and WordPress will be install on your account and you can see login details for your admin area URL with username and password information on the page and also you will get an email in your inbox.

Logged into WordPress

Open the given link and type in email address and password. You will be logged into wordpress dashboard.

This is a place where you can manage and control your contents. Let’s open your website, currently it is looking simple but don’t worry we will make it fancy and modern later in the tutorial.

Let’s start with wordpress dashboard where you can see statistics.

Admin Dashboard Introduction

In the admin dashboard you can create different types of post and pages you can also add media files. You can add paid or free themes and also customize these website templates.

You can use free and premium WordPress plugins to enhance your site functionality.

This is a time to do some necessary configuration in settings section.

Wordpress Dashboard

Let’s open settings and then click on permalinks option. We will set post name option because it will be easy for the users to understand the post or page with name rather than complex numbers.

General settings

GO to general settings to add Your Title and Tagline.

Page titles refers to name of your site. Make sure to include your primary keywords to get good ranking in search engines.


tells us about the purpose of your website so visitors should know what all is about.

We are going to start a website and we will use premium theme. So you all should know why I am using paid template?

There are number of reasons because paid ones are unlimited in features and they are fast in performance and you can update these on regular basis. But free cannot updated and having limited options.

Divi Theme Overview

In this tutorial we will learn you how to build a website from scratch using the Divi which is the number one wordpress theme in the world.

I will show you step by step guide how to create a website and with single click your wordpress site will be ready in few seconds without writing a single line of code.

You can also create any kind of website design in few minutes. They are providing a huge collection of divi templates which you can use to make any kind of site in a go.

You can update your contents and images with the help of drag and drop front-end visual builder without going to back-end.

STEP 3 : Purchase Theme

Let’s click on the  link elegant themes
They are offering two type of plans:-

1. Yearly

In yearly plan you can get 87 templates for business, fashion, blogging and ecommerce stores and 4 premium plugins. It will charge you $89 for a year.

2. Lifetime

In lifetime plan you can all the above stuff for $249 with one time pay.

Company is offering money back guarantee so this is risk free deal. If you are not satisfied then company will return your money without asking any question.

You can pick any kind of plan according to your needs.

There is a good deal for you guys.

As I am affiliate for this company so if you will buy the theme with my link Signup Now.

You will get 10% discount and I will get a small commission so I will be able to make more free tutorials for you guys.

So click on sign up button and fill out the details and select payment type and finally click on complete registration form.

You will receive an account information email. Open the link and type your username and password and logged in to the elegant customer portal.

You can see huge collection so find the divi theme and click on download button. It will download it in zip file into your system.

Go to appearance

and then themes and click on add new button and select file and click on upload button.

Install it and activate it. Congratulate it is ready.

First of all go to customer portal and copy API key and paste in to divi theme option in updates section in wordpress dashboard. You are set to go.

STEP 4 : How to Import Divi Layouts?

As I told you in the start of the tutorial that we will use ready-made layouts without writing a single line of code.
First of all we will create homepage, about, services, blog and contact form pages by:-

1. Goto pages
2. Add new page
3. Give the title “Home”
4. Click on Use Divi Builder button
5. Pick the 2nd choice and press on browse layouts
6. Open up library window and you can see hundreds of pre-made designs
7. Select your desired template from the given categories (i.e., design agency layout)
8. Find and import the page by “Use this layout” link, live demo URL is also available to see the look and feel right away.
9. Then hit on publish button to show on internet.
Note:- You can follow the above process to create and import all your pages.

Adding pages to the menu

This is time to setup your navigation bar,
1. Go to Appearance and then Menus in the sidebar
2. Add a name
3. Pick up the pages by clicking the checkbox and finally “Add to Menu”.

Adding Post

Go to Posts > Add New to make a blog post, add contents and create a new or selected existing category.
And finally add that category in to the menu, that’s it.

Setting Up a Static Front Page

• Go to theme customizer under appearances
• Click on homepage settings
• Select the static page as Home
• And pick post page to blog
• Press the button to published changes

Installing Plugins

What is a wordpress plugin?

“Plugins” are used to enhance the functionality and features to your site e.g., I want to link my website to social media.

Rather than build functionality by myself I just add that feature with the help of plugin.

You can see thousands of wp plugins in wordpress admin dashboard.

How to install a new Plugin?

• Go to “Plugins
• Add New” and find your favorite one.
• Installation it
• Activate it
I am giving you a list of plugins which you must have to install on your website.

1. Yoast SEO:

It will help you to improve your seo ranking. This is free and easy to use. You can easily add title and meta descriptions.

2. Bloom

This is simple, and beautiful email opt-in plugin and it is specially built to rapidly grow your mailing list.

3. Monarch Plugin

It will help readers to like and share your posts on Facebook, twitter, instagram, LinkedIn and much more.

4. Cloudflare Flexible SSL

It will help you install free SSL from Cloudflare.

STEP 5 : How to Customize Website

I will show you how to customize your homepage with the help of front end drag and drop website builder.
Click on enable visual builder at the top of the screen.

Please follow the video tutorial to quickly change your contents according to your requirements.

In this guide you have learnt how to create a website. I tried my best to give you simple and easy way.
This is a starting point, you should explore the world. Do practice because this is only way to succeed.

If you have any question contact me and I will happy to answer all of your questions

Q & A Sessions:-

How to create a website in WordPress for free?
Yes WordPress is open source and it is completely free of cost.

What is average cost to build a simple website?
however develop a website is free but you have to pay little amount around 70$ per year.

Which are the best sites for making a free personal website?
There is huge list of websites but WordPress is the the number one choice.

Is website creation difficult?
It is super easy. You can also follow the above tutorial to code a website without technical expertise.